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8 Foot River

by 8 Foot River

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I could swear it's real and here with us now. What should I do? I should know by now, but this time it's real. What's the difference? Go back to sleep, cause there's nothing to be scared of now. I'm watching something now. Now it climbs the walls, and now the ceiling. I know what I see and it's not real with the light on. There's no time to think this through. I'll smash this lamp and prove to you... it's gone. What's wrong with you?
Mark Down 04:46
Kind-mess - it makes us find the next way out. Here gets some nurture among friends. And love, it keeps us coming across sides. Keys lost again to be found. I'm sure you recognize my face but have you heard the things I say? Mark down the time, the time that you waste, pour the mix of blended days. It's a struggle to keep everything in place.
All I See 05:00
It's not as if you came to make it better now. Everyone you meet has seen the worst of it. All I see are ways of turning back. All I see points away. It's just me that keeps you looking back. It just seems to be the way to keep you coming back. You can chalk it up to all the things you should have said. Cause it's not fair to keep to one side. If I try not to breathe I can see what you mean. Let's pretend the stakes are low. It's not as if we need to know. If you can read my mind, how can you be so kind? Walk outside. Maybe now you can laugh. You're allowed. It's a sign but in between is everything. You know what I mean.
If this is a waste of time, I can't tell if I'm to blame. I've scratched it completely out. It's not a surprise. I came here along the way. It comes from a lack of trying another way. Once we tear it down, it's unrecognizable now. Losen all the straps, and now I can't relax. I don't think I didn't try. It seems like it's real to me. Then something pulls out the rug. I'm flat. I'm face down, and nothing can make it right. Then change, it taps me. I can't recall a thing. Once we tear it down, it's unrecognizable now. Losen all the straps, and now I can't relax. I'm along the ride.
Snow 03:46
Coax them into place, then shift, where they finally rest, and lay, and wait. Patience builds a field of white on everything in sight. And we're not in control of how it goes. Careful or you'll slip away. Lose yourself in time, and space, and love. If you listen now you'll hear. You'll recognize you're here. And only then you'll feel the cold, the snow. Don't pretend you're unaware. I can see it in your eyes and in your hair. We're lucky to be alive. Make all your plans just to see them all wrested from your hands. Nature remains indifferent.
Camera 05:51
All along the road, you kept your eyes focused on the sky. The sun knows where to hide. Hold the camera still and catch the weeds. The weeds become the foreground of the trees. Flying in the backseat on your knees. Turn until the sun's behind the frame. Reimagine anything mundane. Capture anything that calls your name. Your name. Get a sense of what you wanna be, then place it underneath. And rise up with the sea. Your hair collects the sunlight and the dust. You haven't heard a sound from all of us. Focus on the tires and the rust.
Gain a Life 05:54
And I never understood how you felt. If it's better not to search those high shelves. I don't know. Fast forward another year. I can tell. Your love its still sincere. How I fell over time. Are we brave to see it's bigger than you and me? Are you scared or is it me? No one is gonna show us how every time. It's the moments that we miss that build this house. It's who we are. Are we brave enough to try an in-between of you and I? The mountains lost, we gain a life. Are we scared enough to see it's bigger than you and me? Are you brave, or is it me? Well, there's one way to know, and it's for keeps. There's only one way to live that we can show. That we can show.
I'd Be Wrong 03:50
Who knows if I said that. Everything gets said in fact. If we could use our heads Well, I'm sure we'd share the lumps instead. And I heard you suffer worse from the fights that you don't have cause you're much too nice. If I could change one thing about you, I'd be wrong. You break it all back down. And build it up with what's been found. You pull the loose ends tight. And yet somehow you just can't sleep nights. And we can't be like the ones outside. Where the sidewalk meets their smarty-pants stride. If I told you could be more like that, I'd be wrong. It's getting later all the time. I can tell when it's that time. You make it up the stairs And I'm sure it's ok, and I know it's not fair. I've been better than, I've been better than me. It seems like I should make some kind of guarantee. If you think I could take any less of thee, you'd be wrong.
Crash 03:17
It depends on what you find. Let it go if you want to say what's on your mind. It's a test that you can rest assured you'd pass. It's the confidence you have writing the past. Let's beware of what we know is true. And that way we can make a space for something new. A thousand years for that light to reach your eyes. But for that light, it's just an instant in time. It's a sign that we take much too long to awake. And forget who's to blame. It's the choices we make. Maybe everything's not here for us to grab. Do we try and fail again, not looking back? Bare with me, I'll work it out. I couldn't wrap my head around it until now. There's no way we can keep straight along this path. Close our eyes to what we see, the basic math. So we crash once again and surprised it's the end. And too late to look back on the choices we had. It's a sign that we take much too long to awake. And forget who's to blame. It's the choices we make.
How do I define the ones I love? And all that we say, and how we say it? Oh, I wish I were like you. But I'm not, and I'm not sure where that leaves me. It's been so many years now. And it's up and it's down in the same day. So this connection is incomplete. And I feel everything that I can. But it's love that I want. Who's fault is it but mine? And that's just this time. Cause love can't be fair. I won't say that I hold my end up. Stay with me now while you're here. I won't say a word unless I sing it With a sense of control that's baked into all of these horses. But don't bet on this one. It's bound to run itself into the ground.
If it feels right, you're not asking why. If it feels right, hop a train tonight. It's all you have to go on. Could this be right, you have a chance in life. If it feels right, you're not asking why. It's all you have to go on. Don't you try to hide too long. It hits you right inside. Forcing all this time alone. It hits you right inside. If it feels right, hop a train tonight. Could this be right, you have a chance in life. It's all you have to go on.
It's Here 04:05
I've been counting years. No, I ain't learned shit. What makes me obsessed with everything I've left? There's a need in there. Could be soon it's here. Oh, my waking death. What makes leaves react? Don't be down on it, cause there's still some time left. We're supposed to know. We should really know. Do it now cause round that bend It's here. It's next year. I'm a fool, I think like that.
I thought of what you said, and it stuck inside my head. (Now at a loss for words) I know things stay the same, or they'd be easier to change. (Pass back and forth the words) And it cuts right back to you, and everything it's put you through. (Now interrupt the words) I never feign surprise, so I remap how it ties. (And curse my lack of words) I trust you'll always know if I go wrong. You'll pull me back to you. Let's go on. No matter what gets said, or the letters that you've read. (And I can't take back a word) You've given me the same and embraced all this change. (Now staring at the words)
String 03:27
Could it be the last time that we met you were wearing that same dress? Don't you find that a bit strange? Although I'd rather say nothing at all, I bet it's better just to wait and make it up. I'm not trying at all to find the reasons that you found to be alone. So I'll go. When it seems you've had enough to drink you'll find your things are where you left them when you came in. Now begins the cold walk home, and hopefully, the booze will take effect and we won't mind. Ordinary is nothing compared to feeling like you've messed up everything. Sure as there's a heart you'll find the string!
Do It Again 04:47
I gave it all that I had. Sure I made those choices. I'm not sure what to think. What if I swam instead? I believe that I missed something strange. Travel back now and do it again. Sometimes a wish plays it safe. It duls the tip of disappointment. I'm not sure what to think. What if I jumped instead? If it tugged on my strings, I overplayed. That happens one time. They don't do it again. How did we get so estranged? Never thought I'd sing this. I'm not sure what's a stake. Swim or sink, jump in lakes. I believe that I never knew the way. Life is like that. You don't do it again.


released August 7, 2018

Performed by Glenn Geiger, Al Bauman, Ed Stein, Steve Elling, and Steve Dietemann.
Recorded by Allen Hamlin in Lee, MA.
Mixed and Mastered by Allen and Glenn.


all rights reserved



8 Foot River Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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